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    It's Really Me & Only Me ID is a unique Dental Examination and Identity Protection Program created by Dr. Joan E. Lanier.  A kit has been designed to document who you are biometrically - meaning your DNA profile.  Begin storing medical and dental information on a DVD-R and Secure Flash Drive to transport and share more accurate information with your healthcare providers.  Personal data and health records are transported by the individual, but medical updates are the responsibility of the healthcare provider.  You may also consent for enrollment in the Hypersearch System which provides important body identifiers and characteristics that are unique to each individual.  The program is HIPAA compliant because you carry and control release of information.



  IF YOU NEED IT, STORE IT!  We can securely store and provide all of your vital information for wellness, emergency preparedness and healthcare communication.   

Recommended for everyone, especially children, Alzheimer’s patients, special needs persons, and frequent travelers.  Definite benefit for potential evacuees of hurricanes, tornados, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and other devastating situations.



  "The program serves as a comprehensive version of the information form and health history used in dental offices."

The Detroit Dental Bulletin

  "It will also be very useful when traveling to have my permanent records because you never know when they might come in handy.”

Melvin Gilmer

  “I’ve had dentists retire or move and I like the idea of having possession of my records.”

Mark Smith

  Dawn Slone a previous employee of a Health Facility stated "senior citizens inflicted with early stages of Alzheimer disease (a common form of dementia) would leave the facilities and wander, there was no program in place to identify the resident."